Having a clean industrial facility can be somewhat of an oxymoron. If you think about it, industrial locations such as manufacturing plants are always in the middle of manufacturing products, getting orders ready for shipment, and distribution processes. There is constant movement in the facility, making this a difficult area to conduct thorough industrial cleaning and maintenance.

Keeping a facility clean, especially an industrial zone that is always in the middle of construction and engineering, can be difficult, but one of the most impressive things about maintenance and industrial cleaning professionals is that they have the tools and expertise to get it done without disrupting efficiency and the safety of the workers.

This blog post focuses on the top 3 measures that should be taken during industrial cleaning and maintenance.

Remove fire hazards

Cluttered workplaces are breeding grounds for fire hazards. In an industrial setting, the machines, boxes, and other flammable materials can increase the risk of causing fires that can quickly spread

Industrial settings with unsecured chemicals and combustible dust can also wreak havoc.

It’s important to ensure that all chemicals are properly contained and stored in the proper areas of the warehouse. Combustible dust is often found in manufacturing plants, food processing plants, and other similar locations. Aside from being a safety hazard, it can even prevent clean air from circulating and could cause a situation that could result in an explosion.

This is why it’s important to ensure that such items are moved away from high-traffic areas, including the stairs, at a facility to avoid any hazards and to prevent any workers from being barricaded during an evacuation. If in case your facility generates a lot of combustible dust, it’s important to have a routine cleaning process to ensure that preventive maintenance is practised.

Designate cleaning sections

You may think that cleaning an industrial facility can be done using the same techniques and that the same cleaning products can be used to clean every part of your facility, but this cannot be further from the truth. 

The best way to ensure that every machine, equipment, and any other area is cleaned properly is to allocate cleaners to specific cleaning jobs and areas. One could be in charge of cleaning the floors while another is in charge of maintaining the machinery.

Some facilities may just assign their employees or workers to clean their sections as it may help get rid of the surface dust and grime. But let’s face it; after a long day of work, your employees may not be willing or able to do a proper cleaning and maintenance job. This is why professional industrial maintenance and cleaning services are required.

Use personal protective equipment (PPE)

The chemicals and materials in manufacturing facilities can be toxic—couple that with cleaning products that could create higher levels of toxicity, and this combination can become incredibly hazardous to the workers. This is where personal protective equipment, or PPE, comes into play.

Workers may not always be aware of the hazards of cleaning equipment and machinery without PPE but it’s an important measure that needs to be taken not just for their safety but also for the safety of those around them. 

Certain chemicals can cause severe damage if they come into contact with your workers’ eyes or even skin. This is why having PPE can make sure that safety is a top priority. Having a professional industrial cleaning and maintenance service can take care of all this and ensure that you have a clean facility. 

To succeed in industrial cleaning and maintenance at your workplace, follow these 3 measures 

Industrial cleaning and maintenance while operations and distributions are in place can be a hard task to take on. To ensure thorough cleaning processes, not just on the ground but in terms of the machinery as well, you need industrial facility management services. Hiring a professional service will allow you to fully entrust the task to them and expect a hassle-free, high-quality service.