A pool is a large investment and if you’re managing a strata property, it’s become an important asset that many occupants look for when selecting their home. 

While having a pool is one thing, making sure that it’s in pristine condition for your occupants to enjoy whenever they want is quite another matter. Maintaining a strata pool is a huge commitment in terms of both time and money, which is why it has to be carried out properly.

Hiring a strata pool maintenance company to assist you in pool cleaning is an efficient decision. Explore the following reasons you need to hire a cleaning company for pool maintenance.

1. Cleaning the pool regularly

Keeping a swimming pool, its equipment, and its accessories maintained is easy if it’s done regularly instead of a couple of times a year. The problem, however, especially for strata properties, is that it requires time, labour, and effort to follow a strict cleaning schedule. 

Trying to undertake pool maintenance yourself might not be the best route to take if you have to oversee other tasks. While strata properties simply don’t have the time to devote to cleaning certain areas like pools—even if it’s an important element—the solution could be to hire a strata pool maintenance company.

Strata maintenance companies will always make sure to attend to the following while tackling a pool cleaning project: 

  • Cleaning the pool cover
  • Disinfecting pool surfaces
  • Ensuring that the pool pump is working properly
  • Removing debris from the bottom of the pool and other floating debris
  • Checking the water level

While this is just a limited list of factors that need to be addressed regularly, a professional strata pool maintenance company can offer many more services that can help keep your pool in good condition

2. Balancing the chemicals of your pool

Balancing the chemical and pH levels of your pool involves a lot more than just algae growth. Due to imbalances of these levels, your pool can be a water-borne breeding ground for bacteria which can be quite harmful to your occupants.

This is why the proper chlorine and pH levels form such a critical part of a healthy pool. Professional cleaners will always make sure to become familiar with the chemical and pH levels of the pool and then adjust the levels accordingly.

Testing and re-testing, however, can be pretty tedious, so it’s important for proper pool care and also comes in handy when learning how your pool reacts to different chemicals and how to add them safely.

3. Obtaining peace of mind

Cleaning a strata pool is a tedious task, which is why hiring a strata cleaning company can alleviate the stress that comes with frequently cleaning the pool.

You have the opportunity of having the perfect pool every day without any effort from you, leaving you ample time to worry about other important matters without having to worry whether the pool is clean or not.

Cleaning a pool involves a lot of technical know-how and if you neither have the right expertise to use pool equipment and chemicals nor follow the best practices to clean the pool, you’ll be giving your tenants an unsatisfactory experience.

Hiring a strata maintenance company can help keep your pool safe and clean

Professional strata pool maintenance companies often have different services to keep your pool maintained year-round so picking the right service based on your cleaning needs and frequency of use can help you get the personalised service you’re looking for.

When hiring a service, contracting the right team for strata cleaning services is crucial, so make sure to get in touch with Sydney’s best strata maintenance crews.