When it comes to facility managers, their roles are always evolving and they need to come up with new ways to provide high-quality maintenance services that are aimed at improving the overall quality of their property. The right professional building management services can help you take care of sustainability, safety, compliance maintenance requirements, building space management, and more.

This blog post focuses on 4 facility maintenance services building management companies can offer.

1. Soft and hard service integration

Generally, facility management is separated into soft and hard services. 

Soft services can be anything from cleaning, waste disposal, pest control, and recycling to space management and ground maintenance. Hard services include services such as building structure maintenance, plumbing, and drainage. 

For facility maintenance services to be effective, both soft and hard services need to be integrated and work together to make the property more attractive to existing and potential occupants. 

A professional building management company should be able to offer its services in both areas and offer you the simplicity of working with a single company for all your facility maintenance requirements rather than a few which can create confusion and end up costing significantly more.

2. Predictive, preventive, reactive, and compliance maintenance management

When it comes to facility maintenance services, building management companies can make sure that they take the necessary steps to handle maintenance whether it’s preventive or reactive. 

These companies often have the experience and skill to not just handle preventive and reactive maintenance, but also predict if any future maintenance services are required. 

This is perhaps one of the most important areas that facility managers overlook should they decide to hire their own internal maintenance team. 

The experience that professional building management companies bring cannot be overstated since they have a better understanding of the different types of buildings and how they can help to ensure that cleaning and compliance are both handled properly.

3. Good facility maintenance for any type of building

Every building isn’t the same, so the way they manage the buildings isn’t always the same. Whether your facility is used by students, employees, residents, customers, or guests, the need to have professional building maintenance is critical. 

These services can help you get the facility maintenance services that are right for your building. Whether you need cleaning services or a strategic eye that can help you make the most of your property, the right professional can give you the guidance you need. 

For instance, think about an office building and a strata property. The frequency at which you need to perform regular cleaning and maintenance is different. Office buildings with an outdoor area may need to be cleaned at least once a week since employees may not frequent such areas during their work hours. 

On the contrary, strata properties with outdoor areas may need to be cleaned at least once a day or every two days since public spaces are often used by their tenants—including kids and even pets.

4. Astute building space planning

Facility layouts are important but they’re always changing. Depending on organisational growth, business strategies, and human resources growth, building layouts need to meet certain requirements, especially statutory requirements. 

For instance, commercial building facility managers need to consider the minimum space requirements per employee, including:

  • Lighting
  • Fire safety
  • Safety signage
  • Ventilation
  • Temperature control
  • Welfare requirements (for example, water, soap, etc.)

A building management company will be aware of all your requirements and ensure that you’re compliant with the minimum requirement that every building type needs to comply with. 

When you have a professional handling compliance and statutory requirements, it becomes easier for you to ensure that your building is meeting all the necessary requirements and abiding by strata regulations.

A professional building management company will keep your building in its best condition 

Professional building management companies contribute to many areas of keeping a building in top-notch condition. 

They take care of duties like managing tenant relations, lease administration, finances, maintenance and repairs, and general property management. 

Due to their expertise and experience, these companies can ensure your building is kept in its best condition.