Strata cleaning businesses have become an important part of strata buildings that are used for either commercial or residential properties. Initially adopted as a convenient way for businesses around the world to oversee the entire maintenance of their property, this concept has become more than common. As such, the maintenance requirements needed for the upkeep of strata properties have also changed. 

With the structures of strata properties becoming more complex, the need for professional cleaning services is now a must. A professional strata cleaning business offers a range of services that you can employ to keep your strata well-maintained, allowing you to provide the best conditions for your residents or occupants. 

This blog post focuses on the services that strata cleaning businesses can provide—aside from traditional services—to meet today’s needs.

1. Emergency exit cleaning 

The Building Code of Australia has several mandates when it comes to emergency or fire exits in any building. As a strata property, it’s important that you know the most common and vital ones, but it’s impossible to know everything. 

One of the most common and widely-known requirements is that emergency and fire exits need to be clear without obstruction. While this may be perhaps the most widely-known mandate, other components need to be considered, and a strata cleaning business can help you. 

Aside from being obstruction-free, strata properties also need to keep in mind that if an emergency takes place, tenants or occupants may hurry down stairwells. Then, if the stairs or railings aren’t well-maintained or are slippery and don’t have rough friction, someone could potentially slip and fall, causing injuries and problems you could have avoided if there was thorough maintenance involved. 

All these factors need to be considered—emergency exit cleaning services can help you identify your problems and offer the right solutions.

2. Car park cleaning

It’s reasonable to assume that most residents or occupants will have a car, so you’ll need a car park for them as well as guests, clients, and other visitors. This implies that the importance of your strata property’s parking lot is equal to that of the strata property itself. 

As many people concentrate on keeping a clean strata property, occasionally the upkeep of the surrounding areas is neglected. Your strata property, gardens, lawns, swimming pools, and other common areas are as vital as the parking lot. 

In addition, the cleaning processes required will vary depending on the material utilised in your parking lot. This is why it’s important to ensure that your parking spaces are also attended to since it’s one of the first places that visitors and guests will see. 

Car parks can be a great way to make a good first impression, so you should make the most out of the opportunities you have.

3. Air vent cleaning

The air vents are a significant area that can also impact the standard of living or occupancy. It’s important to have adequate ventilation. However, over time, air vents may need to be thoroughly cleaned. 

Businesses that offer strata cleaning can assist you in maintaining clean air and ensuring the satisfaction of your residents or tenants. 

Furthermore, any trash, dust, or even animal waste can lead to a hazardous living environment, especially if your tenants have respiratory conditions like asthma. 

A cleaning company can not only assist you in enhancing your existing air quality and the quality of your vents, but they can also ensure that they are kept in good condition year-round so you won’t have to worry about putting your renters in an unsafe situation.

4. Swimming pool cleaning

Residential strata complexes are among the many companies that frequently contract out swimming pool cleaning work. There is nothing wrong with this because swimming pool cleaning must be done by a qualified professional. 

However, if you employ strata cleaning services, you won’t need to separately spend on your pool cleaning needs. Swimming pool cleaning is only one of the many cleaning services that strata cleaning companies provide, so you won’t have to worry about using multiple providers for various cleaning and maintenance needs.

Swimming pools, which are frequently used by renters, can be kept free of germs and bacteria by strata cleaners. 

Depending on the usage, you can create a cleaning schedule that can be anywhere from once every two days to once a week. Strata cleaning businesses will work with you to make sure you get the services you need without compromising.

Services offered by strata cleaning services that facilitate today’s strata maintenance requirements in Sydney

Strata properties differ from one another. Whether commercial or residential, they require extensive analysis and thorough maintenance. 

Therefore, it is best to hire a professional strata maintenance company that offers a range of services under one roof. Not only is this more convenient for you but it also ensures the safety of your occupants is in the best hands.