Everyday, healthcare facilities throughout Australia, ranging from small private clinics to large-scale hospitals get patients visiting them—whether it be through walk-ins or admittance. As such, it is crucial that employees in these healthcare facilities ensure that operations run smoothly, as any disruption to services could force their operations to grind to a halt and potentially lower patient satisfaction rates. 

The patient experience plays a vital role in the healthcare industry, as it can determine the return rate of patients into a healthcare establishment. When patients leave a positive review for a clinic or hospital they frequent, it will influence others who have not visited these healthcare facilities to opt for their services, as they have testimonials and recommendations from past patients to rely on.

That’s not all; healthcare facilities need to foster an environment that supports the patient healing process and ensures they’re safe and comfortable. One of the factors that make a clear positive impact on patients is the cleanliness of the facility. Patients expect a clean and hygienic environment so providing them exactly that will automatically boost the patient experience.  

That said, let’s explore four ways healthcare facility cleaning can help improve the patient experience. 

1. Minimises the risk of infections 

In healthcare facilities, the risk of contracting an infection from another patient or through contact with surfaces can be high if the right cleaning procedures and health and safety protocols are not upheld. This is why it’s imperative that healthcare facilities are kept clean. 

Delving further regarding the contamination of surfaces in hospitals, it is crucial that healthcare facilities implement stringent disinfection measures to ensure that the risk of transmission is kept to a minimum, especially since some patients visiting these facilities may have a weakened immune system. 

Cleaning companies have the necessary equipment and supplies to ensure germs and bacteria aren’t spread, whether by surface or human contact. With healthcare facility cleaning services, clinics and hospitals can easily address these potential issues and create a better patient experience. 

2. Provides patients with a positive first impression 

When patients decide on a preferred healthcare provider, they will consider how hygienic the facility seems from the exterior. Other than for emergency situations, patients will most likely feel unsafe and uncomfortable facilities that aren’t well-maintained and will opt for another healthcare provider instead. 

This means disinfecting surgical areas isn’t enough. Healthcare facilities need to ensure their waiting areas, reception areas, corridors, elevators, staircases, washrooms, and any and all other areas are meticulously cleaned. This will help leave a good first impression on patients. 

Whether it’s muddy or dirty floors, messy desks, or cluttered rubbish cans, signs as simple as these will portray a negative picture of the healthcare facility in the eyes of the patient. Healthcare staff must, therefore, prioritise cleaning their facility premises and public areas regularly. 

3. Ensures medical personnel and other employees are safe 

A healthcare facility with poor hygiene standards and irregular cleaning could put physicians, doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff at risk of developing an illness. That said, of course, no patient wants to have a consultation with a physician or doctor who is unwell. 

Therefore, healthcare facilities should ensure the health and safety of not just patients but also of the doctors, surgeons, nurses, and other staff attending to patients. Making sure that the cleaning company offering healthcare facility cleaning is thorough in areas frequently visited by these staff would help. 

Remember, if healthcare workers encounter a slew of infections, it can have a serious impact on how the facility operates and can hinder the patient experience with longer waiting times, unnecessary delays, consultation cancellations, and more, thereby having a domino effect on patient care. 

4. Prevents cross-contamination 

Harmful bacteria or pathogens transferring from one location to the next is a huge problem for healthcare facilities, whether it’s through a thermometer or test tubes. Without proper cleaning and sterilisation, even a moment of exposure can create health issues that spread throughout the healthcare facility. 

With the help of healthcare facility cleaning services, a number of measures can be implemented to help mitigate these health issues before they become widespread. This preventative maintenance helps improve the patient experience. 

Enlist healthcare facility cleaning services to improve the healthcare patient experience 

Hospital staff have a duty of care to ensure that patients have a convenient and comfortable experience when they visit their healthcare facility. Among their responsibilities is to ensure that their healthcare facility remains clean and well-maintained to prevent the spread of diseases and assure patients that their surroundings are hygienic. 

Get in touch with a provider of commercial cleaning in Sydney to ensure that your healthcare facility remains clean and safe to operate, to boost your patient satisfaction rates, which can also improve patient return rates and expand your patient base.