Managing a strata building is no easy feat. Strata committee members are expected to keep up to date with the latest strata regulations, ensure that building premises are kept secure round-the-clock, and that the living environment is conducive and convenient for all strata residents. In other words, assured building management is important to create a sustainable strata living experience. 

The biggest challenges faced by strata committee members are attributed to their lack of expertise, experience, and flexibility of time in managing these expectations. Hence, they might slip up in certain areas of building management due to a lack of knowledge or awareness. 

That said, here are 4 telltale signs that strata committee members should enlist the services of a professional building management company to keep their strata building in working order. 

  • Fines and penalties due to non-compliance with state regulations

By-laws are a set of rules and guidelines that an owner’s corporation, residents, or visitors should comply with while on strata premises.  

Non-compliance with this rule can result in heavy fines and penalties being imposed on the offending party, and oftentimes, this can affect strata committee members. 

However, this non-compliance may be a result of strata committee members being unaware of up-to-date state regulations that need to be complied with. It’s important, therefore, that strata committee members get in touch with experts who specialise in strata building management to address all the challenges of building compliance. 

  • Break-ins and theft cases 

Security is an important aspect of strata living that should be fulfilled. Residents should expect to feel secure and have their valuables protected against petty theft or break-ins. 

If such troubling situations occur regularly, this can decrease the strata residents’ trust in strata committee members to provide a safe and comfortable living environment through secure building management. 

Prospective residents moving to strata properties with these incidences would also decrease for safety reasons. 

  • Difficulties in negotiating contracts with suppliers 

High-quality building management involves strata committee members being able to negotiate contractual matters with contractors or suppliers to fix building defects, manage the building’s cleanliness and maintenance, and fulfil all contractual obligations. 

Lacking the knowledge or experience in negotiating contracts with contractors or suppliers could result in strata committee members shelling out more operational costs for services that they don’t require. 

  • Issues with operations

When it comes to building inspections, jotting down residents’ complaints, contractual deals, compliance with existing and emerging laws, and other building management operations, operational efficiency is of crucial importance. 

Strata committee members may find it difficult to streamline and simplify building management processes as it is time-consuming, laborious, and can lead to processing errors due to human neglect. 

Why strata committee members should hire a highly-qualified building management company

Hiring experts from a building management company can not only reduce the workload capacity of strata committee members but they can also provide assured building management services to enhance the strata living experience. 

  • Ensure compliance with existing and emerging building regulations

Experts in building management are armed with the latest industry insights, knowledge, and practices of building management according to state regulations. 

Therefore, hiring them can give strata committee members peace of mind by assuring that all building compliance matters such as lifts, fire escape routes, and other building management requirements are met. 

This means that strata committee members will no longer risk having to pay up fines and penalties for non-compliance. 

  • Provide round-the-clock customer support 

As strata committee members may not be available during all hours of the day to attend to residents’ complaints or concerns, hiring a building management company that provides round-the-clock services can help resolve these issues within a reasonable period of time. 

  • Enhance safety and security measures 

By reinforcing security measures within the strata building, residents can feel safe to stroll through their residence complex without the threat of break-ins or petty theft. 

Building management experts may also install tighter security systems throughout the premises which include sophisticated alarm systems and surveillance cameras to further facilitate the safety of residents. 

  • Negotiate with contractors and suppliers 

Due to their experience and expertise in managing contractual matters, building management experts can help strata committee members renegotiate or liaise with contractors and suppliers to get the best returns or services for the price they pay. 

Building management experts are also experienced in ensuring that strata committee members do not sign contracts that could force them to shell out higher expenditures to fund building management costs. 

Consult Sydney’s leading building management experts to provide assured building management services 

With the growing demand for strata living in Sydney, building management is bound to become more complicated in the future. Keeping up with various building management requirements may not be feasible for strata committee members. 

Get in touch with Sydney’s leading building management experts for strata building management services.