When it comes to accessible housing options that fulfil the dream of homeownership, strata schemes are leading the way. 

Conceptualised in Australia, strata living has become a popular alternative to conventional homeownership around the world due to relatively low strata prices, the presence of common facilities, and a whole host of other benefits.

While this boom in popularity has opened the way for new strata developers to enter the market and give tenants a comfortable and fulfilling living experience, strata managers need to do due diligence to their duties and responsibilities.

Today, this ranges from acting as the middleman between the strata plan and property managers on issues to handling the finances of the strata scheme.

But, one of the most underrated responsibilities of a strata manager is administering the upkeep of the common facilities of the strata scheme.

While it may not seem like the most important responsibility to fulfil, to succeed in an increasingly competitive strata market, you need to cover all bases of strata management, and this includes your cleaning and maintenance responsibilities.

That said, managing your strata cleaning requirements is not an easy task; unlike regular residential cleaning, you need a structured plan and advanced workflows to meet your cleaning and maintenance requirements.

Here’s a quick guide on what you can do to efficiently manage your strata cleaning requirements.

Maintain a comprehensive maintenance schedule 

The primary ways in which regular residential cleaning and strata cleaning differ are the scope and frequency of the operations. 

Given the precarious health and safety crisis the world is navigating through right now, having the right workflows for cleaning become all the more important, especially as strata properties are exposed to more people and can spread infections and other communicable diseases if not cleaned and maintained properly.

This is where having a detailed maintenance calendar comes in handy—it’ll allow you to plan your cleaning operations well in advance and maintain a clear line of communication with your maintenance team about your requirements.

A maintenance calendar can also help you track your progress in addressing common cleaning and maintenance requirements, allowing you to ensure all the common facilities in your strata scheme are maintained in top-notch shape. 

Conduct periodic preventive maintenance operations

When it comes to strata maintenance, it’s not enough to meet daily cleaning requirements as strata properties undergo more wear and tear as they are used more by residents. This is especially true for common properties that see a lot of foot traffic.

Neglecting these minor maintenance needs can quickly become a major headache and make common facilities unusable for strata occupants—the last thing you would want as a strata manager.

Conducting periodic maintenance operations help you address these needs promptly, helping you avoid any major repairs in the future 

Even when there are no repairs required, preventive maintenance will allow you to identify potential points of failure and fix them before they impact your operations. This way, you can provide an impeccable experience to your tenants and maintain a positive reputation for your strata scheme.

Work with a building management company

You can get bogged down easily when it comes to managing your cleaning and maintenance requirements. Between having to allocate time and resources to fulfil your other responsibilities, tending to cleaning and maintenance needs can feel very overwhelming. This can lead to errors in your management operations.

By working with a professional building management company, you can get around these problems and make sure your strata properties are maintained in mint condition. 

Not only do these companies take care of your properties, but they can even help appreciate the value of your property. 

They do this by leveraging advanced workflows and high-quality equipment as well as their experience working with other strata schemes. They can even support you with achieving your sustainability goals by creating a bespoke solution for your unique property. 

Take strata cleaning and management to the next level with the right support 

Although it may seem like a lower value-added operation, cleaning and maintenance can impact the living experience of your tenants and the value of your strata property. Delays in managing these requirements can devalue your investment and leave your tenants dissatisfied.

Partner with a professional building management company and get the support your strata property deserves.