Today, strata cleaning represents an important aspect of the responsibilities strata managers and Strata Committees undertake. 

While Sydney’s extensive lockdown has come to an end, the pandemic has left behind an indelible mark on how we live—especially in properties like strata buildings where owners share plenty of common spaces.

With the Australian Government Department of Health issuing guidelines on cleaning and disinfection for COVID-19, and with added responsibilities on cleaning companies to increase the number of cycles, the length of their services, and what they clean—as well as provide plans on how they will handle potential outbreaks—if requested by Strata Committees, this landscape is shifting rapidly.

In procuring the support of professional service providers to meet these evolving requirements, there are plenty of outcomes owner corporations can expect, all of which enhance the value of their strata building.

With the estimated insured value of strata schemes in New South Wales a staggering $404,358,229,265, as per a recent University of New South Wales report, there’s a lot that goes into sustaining this value. 

Strata cleaning in Sydney is one of these.

Health and safety compliance in a post-COVID-19 landscape

For committees and managers, one of their key responsibilities lies in ensuring that owners have the services and support necessary for them to enjoy a healthy and safe property.

Now, more than ever, this extends to a range of value-added cleaning services across common areas like lifts, stairwells, and lobbies. Beyond standard services, cleaning companies even provide environmental and hazmat cleaning, sanitisation services, and stewardship during outbreaks, procure requisite supplies, and can take over your waste management, taking a centralised and consistent approach to your strata’s cleaning requirements.

This helps you ensure that you’re meeting emerging health and safety regulations, specifically those pertaining to curbing additional COVID-19 breakouts. At a time when new variants of the coronavirus pose certain risks, you will need to work with your cleaning company to ensure your premises are safe and compliant.

Working with a single service provider also guarantees more consistent quality across the board as well as a reduction in exposure to an unnecessary number of cleaning teams. 

A reduced carbon footprint and the ability to meet sustainability requirements

With the increasing prioritisation of sustainability, strata cleaning providers have risen to meet the emerging demands on the cleaning industry.

Today, strata cleaning in Sydney has evolved to include environmentally friendly practices, like maintaining zero-landfill practices and using environmentally friendly products that are non-toxic and contain fewer synthetic compounds. 

Certain cleaning companies may even use only nationally accredited products that are recognised for their safety for both humans and the environment. 

When you work with service providers of this nature, you ensure that your procured cleaning services conform to futuristic needs and that green standards are maintained across your strata scheme’s operations.

This, in turn, can increase the value of your property in the eyes of investors and regulatory authorities. 

Complete peace of mind and management support for Strata Committees 

When you work with a professional company for strata cleaning in Sydney, one of the biggest benefits you can anticipate is a tailor-made approach to your cleaning and maintenance requirements, fulfilling a key duty Strata Committees undertake.

From delivering their services according to schedules that are the least disruptive to strata owners through automated scheduling systems to providing additional services across your communal areas, cleaning companies will ensure that your management operations benefit from a customised solution. 

Through the support of a dedicated account manager, who will also be knowledgeable about your exact requirements, you can take a highly customised approach to cleaning and maintenance. This, in turn, drives down your costs because you’re not forced to pay for services you don’t require.

Spotless spaces throughout the year

One of the biggest benefits professional strata cleaning service providers bring to the table is their ability to maintain a consistently clean, hygienic and safe property throughout the year. This ensures Strata Committees don’t have to worry about service disruptions or any other impediments to routine cleaning support.

Based on the requirements of each Strata Committee, cleaning companies create a robust cleaning programme that addresses specific property needs and provide routine services and maintenance support through trained, certified and insured personnel. 

Professional strata cleaning in Sydney can help you run high-value strata properties

With strata titles becoming high-value investments in New South Wales, maintaining your property’s value is crucial to your success. 

In line with this and in meeting evolving owner expectations today, strata managers and committees are turning to top-notch service providers.

By equipping you with trained, ISO-certified, and insured teams, strata cleaning companies in Sydney can help you stay on top of multiple demands and requirements while maintaining compliant, safe and healthy properties.