At a time when strata titles are becoming lucrative investment options—with over 270,000 strata schemes in Sydney, alone, and these titles accounting for over 50% of residential property sales and leases—driving value to the owner corporation comes down to how streamlined strata operations are and the value-added facilities and services they enjoy. 

Today, consumer expectations are not just changing but becoming more nuanced and complex; especially with the effects of COVID-19 still reverberating across the industry. 

Gazetted health orders, in response to the pandemic, have also added to the day-to-day responsibilities of strata managers and committees.

All of this has meant that strata management now needs to be highly responsive to the needs of strata owners while ensuring the compliance of these spaces with evolving regulations.

In this context, procuring professional strata building management in Sydney has become an incredibly valuable opportunity if you’re looking to maintain the value of your property while ensuring tenant requirements are met.

Service providers of this nature don’t just introduce the technical capabilities you’re looking for, but also go beyond to provide value-added services, ISO compliance, insurance to ensure safety, and much more to drive up owner satisfaction.

Do their credentials look good?

To ensure the strata property benefits from the perks of exceptional building management, you need to choose a service provider who has the skills to provide this kind of support.

In particular, look for reliable industry accreditations as well as membership with professional associations. Bona fide building management providers will also ensure their teams are trained and certified to provide strata properties with cutting-edge support that combines the latest technological systems as well as leading knowledge and practices in the field.

To make sure of this, be thorough with your research and paperwork to ensure you’re working with companies that have the technical expertise to back their services up.

Are they experienced enough?

Beyond just having the right qualifications, it’s imperative that strata building managers also have the right experience. 

In diving into their past work to get an idea of their capabilities, there are a few things worth checking out. These include:

  • The strata qualifications their staff possess
  • Their understanding and experience with community associations, homeowners associations and building management committees
  • Their knowledge of the nature of expenditure processes within a strata scheme
  • The coordination support they provide to strata managers and committees

By looking into these aspects of their experience, you can get a better idea of what you can expect from your chosen service providers and the value they can add to the strata property. 

Can they provide additional services?

Part of running a high-value property that boasts streamlined and compliant operations often comes down to how effective and integrated your building management is.

When you’re sourcing this kind of support, therefore, it’s important to ensure that your service provider has the capabilities to provide a range of management, operations consulting, and cleaning and maintenance service solutions. 

By centralising appropriate aspects of building management under one service provider, you streamline day-to-day operations and drive down operational costs. An integrated approach also ensures the elimination of any gaps or redundancies across strata operations, optimising expenditure and the utility of the assets in your properties. 

Are they capable of providing value-added support to strata owners?

For strata managers or strata committees, one of their key responsibilities lies in procuring services that increase the value of their properties and meet the expectations of the owners’ corporation.

Today, these expectations are changing, which means your procurement and tendering processes need to meet these demands.

While this can take many forms, when you procure building management in Sydney, you can expect that the owners’ corporation will respond better to a service provider who leverages the latest technological offerings, sustainable practices, and top-notch support services. 

This will include the transition from basic maintenance processes to more hands-on support, including 24-hour helplines or full-time, part-time or remote support.

Will their technological capabilities streamline your operations?

Now, more than ever, working with a service provider who has the necessary technology and skills to improve the efficiency of your strata properties is crucial. 

This includes a range of smart devices, like occupancy sensors and smart lighting, cloud computing solutions, and IoT technology to derive useful insights across your day-to-day operations, make critical analyses, and drive process optimisations—especially when it comes to space and asset utilisation.

In doing so, your service providers may also leverage Computerised Maintenance Management Systems or Computer-Assisted Facility Management systems to optimise their own processes, including asset and maintenance schedule management, cost tracking, data collection and more.

The underlying goal, here, is that strata owners enjoy compliant, streamlined operations through the technological expertise of your chosen building manager. 

Procuring top-notch building management support in Sydney is the key to strata success

In the new normal that’s unfolding across strata properties in the region, strata owners are looking for value-added services and facilities in their properties. 

When you strive to meet their expectations by outsourcing end-to-end building management to experts in the region, you cement your value in their eyes.

That is why it’s imperative that you work with bona fide professionals; teams that are ISO-certified and provide the right combination of support to help you enjoy streamlined and value-driven operations.