If you’re a strata committee member, you may be aware that cleaning your property is a task that cannot be overlooked, as it’s essential for maintaining the value of your property and creating a comfortable living environment for your residents. 

There are multiple ways to go about keeping your property clean—you can do it yourself or hire a professional team to do it for you. That said, while you may be tempted to take a DIY approach to save costs, hiring professional strata cleaners is the better choice for several reasons. 

In this post, we will explore what you should consider before deciding between DIY cleaning and hiring Sydney strata cleaners and why you should leave it to the pros.

What you should consider before deciding between DIY cleaning and hiring Sydney strata cleaners

Before you decide to hire a strata cleaning company (or take on the cleaning yourself), you need to consider several factors and weigh the pros and cons of each option to make the right decision for your property.

Here are some of the factors that you should consider:

- Scale of the project

Strata properties come in all shapes and sizes. From high-rise buildings and townhouses to villas and duplexes, each strata property is unique and will have different cleaning requirements.

That’s why you must consider the size of your property and the scale of the project. If you want routine cleaning services for your entire property (which is the case most times), you will want to obtain help from the pros.

- Time

Time is going to be one of the bottlenecks if you want to take on the cleaning project yourself because keeping a shared living space clean is a rather challenging and time-consuming task.

If you don’t have the time required and decide to take on the project yourself, it could lead to less-than-ideal results, creating an unhealthy living environment in your strata property.

- Special cleaning requirements

As mentioned, not all properties are the same and you may have some very specific cleaning requirements. 

Sometimes, certain cleaning requirements will need expertise and experience to fulfil. So you need to consider whether your property needs such cleaning services before deciding.

Why you should leave it to the pros

- Saves time

DIY cleaning can take up valuable time that could be spent on other tasks. Strata cleaning companies will have the resources to tackle cleaning tasks quickly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on more important matters.

- Offers higher quality of work

Professional strata cleaners use advanced cleaning techniques and equipment to deliver high-quality cleaning services. They have the expertise and resources to ensure your property is thoroughly cleaned and maintained well. They can also accommodate specific cleaning needs you may have; for example, if you want only environmentally safe or non-allergenic cleaning products to be used, it can be done.

- Allows safety

While it’s not always the case, strata cleaning can be dangerous, especially if you’re not trained or experienced in using cleaning equipment. Strata cleaning companies, in contrast, will have a team of cleaners and maintenance technicians who have the necessary training to handle the equipment and cleaning products safely and effectively.

- Affords cost-effective cleaning

While DIY cleaning may seem like a cost-effective option, it can be more expensive in the long run. It requires the purchase of cleaning equipment and supplies, which can escalate your costs quickly. This is why hiring professional strata cleaners is a cost-effective solution that can save you money and provide you with a better quality service overall.

- Protects you from liability issues

Strata cleaning can result in accidents and injuries, especially when cleaning tricky or hard-to-reach places like windows on high-rise apartments, which can lead to liability issues. This is when hiring a strata cleaning company will be helpful. Professional strata cleaners are insured and bonded, as they’re required by law to do so, which means that you’re protected from liability in the event of accidents or injuries during the cleaning process.

Work with professional Sydney strata cleaners for the highest quality strata services

Regardless of the type of strata property you live in, hiring Sydney strata cleaners would be the better choice to maintain a clean and comfortable living environment. 

While DIY cleaning may seem like a viable option, it often has several drawbacks. So leave it to the pros at the top strata cleaning companies in Sydney and enjoy a clean and healthy living environment!