With occupancy rates at strata properties growing at a rapid rate, strata committee members feel more pressured than ever to provide a sustainable and comfortable living environment for residents. Managing a strata building can be challenging for strata committee members, as they may lack the experience, expertise, and flexibility to provide the highest quality of building maintenance and strata management.

Strata buildings require more than general cleaning duties and maintenance. Negotiating contractual matters with contractors and vendors, meeting compliance requirements of the latest mandated by-laws, as well as a combination of other responsibilities can be taxing for a strata committee. 

Hence, it is wise to enlist the help of a building management company that consists of an expert team to furnish clients with a comprehensive range of strata building management requirements. 

It is just as important to conduct extensive research and keep abreast of emerging trends in building maintenance and strata management so that strata committee members know how to narrow down their selection for the right building management company to help them with their strata needs. 

That said, finding the right building maintenance and strata management company can lighten the burden of strata committee members and keep them worry-free from administering building management duties and responsibilities. 

With building management services on the rise, there are some emerging trends that can improve operational efficiency, which in turn provides a better living experience for strata residents. 

That said, here are 3 building management solutions that are gaining popularity to ensure high-quality strata management. 

1. Paperless building operations 

When it comes to strata building management, strata managers typically conduct asset and defect inspections and record their findings on paper. This may not be the most cost-effective approach to asset and lifecycle management and lacks environmental consciousness. 

Thus, adopting a digital approach to recording asset and defect management can help mitigate this issue. Downloading strata building management software on a mobile platform, for example, can help building managers simplify and minimise errors pertaining to various aspects of strata building management anytime and anywhere. 

With this sustainable approach, energy usage can be monitored by the mobile platform. It is also more reliable in tracking asset performance and scheduling timely maintenance. 

The mobile-based building management software can also relay real-time updates of any building updates to strata tenants, keeping them in the loop frequently. 

2. Energy-saving building management 

Unbeknownst to many building managers or strata committee members, buildings are responsible for emitting nearly 40% of global energy-related CO2 emissions. Hence, building management companies are taking a more energy-conscious approach to strata building management. 

In recent years, strata building management experts have devised and implemented crucial energy-saving plans to reduce operating costs. 

Hence, building managers have adopted strata management technology in their efforts to cut back on energy consumption. They focus on applying energy-efficient tools that can minimise the need for frequent and excessive building maintenance. 

Technology-focused strata management has now been picked up by many strata management companies as an effort to combat pollution and harmful emissions. Hiring a strata management company that puts these values into practice can help strata committee members facilitate strata living that is sustainable and healthy for their strata community. 

These specialists align with a building’s energy efficiency efforts and significantly reduce their carbon footprint and energy consumption. They can identify trends in optimising HVAC, lighting, and other energy-saving methods. 

3. Proactive and preventive maintenance 

The cost to fix a strata-related issue would be higher for strata managers than if they were to have taken preventive measures. Thus, many building management companies have taken the necessary steps to implement predictive and preventive maintenance to the strata properties they service. 

Strata management companies comprise professionals who are adept at identifying common issues that strata buildings can face. Rather than take a reactive approach, they implement proactive measures to ensure problems don’t plague strata properties. 

Strata management companies today are using intelligent tools to predict any potential equipment failures, track performance, and perform other tasks. 

Taking a proactive approach to facility management is a great way to prevent any potential safety hazards and enhance the resilience of strata buildings. 

Give your strata property a makeover with emerging building maintenance and strata management trends  

Strata living is growing in popularity, but not without its fair share of challenges. Hence, strata management companies are implementing new measures to ensure strata committee members are relieved of their high-pressure building management duties and responsibilities. 

Get in touch with a leading building maintenance and strata management company in Sydney today to ensure that your building is well-managed and spotless through cost-efficient, enhanced productivity and ROI-boosting methods.