With strata properties becoming more complex and sophisticated to meet the needs of modern residents, it’s no surprise that managing them is also becoming more of a challenge to many strata committees across the country.

But the reality is that despite the challenges, your strata committee must streamline the management of your strata property to ensure long-term security and to provide a quality living experience for existing and future strata residents.

Having a helping hand to manage your strata scheme can be hugely beneficial in this situation and that’s exactly what strata building management companies offer you.

They can help you centralise and streamline operations such as safety, maintenance, building space planning, and compliance, ensuring that you and your fellow strata residents can rest easy knowing that your property is always in the hands of skilled and experienced professionals.

Here’s a more comprehensive look into how these companies can enable this capability for you.

They will evaluate your existing building management operations

Building management companies assess the existing building management practices in your property to develop a new strategy to centralise your strata operations. 

This preliminary assessment helps them understand your strata facility, your day-to-day maintenance operations, and how best they can devise a plan to help you centralise operations.

During the evaluation, they will gather information such as:

  • Location and size of your property
  • Number of occupants and visitors
  • Budget
  • The overall purpose of centralisation

Once the relevant information is gathered, the building management service provider will have a clear understanding of your requirements and can start developing a strategy to help centralise your maintenance operations.

They will establish a clear chain of command

One of the main purposes of centralisation is to establish a clear chain of command where everyone handling the maintenance operations knows exactly who to report to.

These chains of command almost always fail due to the lack of a centralised system or due to maintenance personnel not knowing to whom they should report.

But with their experience helping other strata committees centralise their operations and establish a clear line of command, building management companies will have the necessary tools and expertise to streamline your chain of command in a way that will make it easier for you to manage your operations and execute decisions efficiently.

They will conduct baseline assessments

Building management service providers will conduct baseline assessments to understand the condition of your strata property and equipment and also to develop the required equipment inventory, maintenance schedule, and long-term building management plan. 

These assessments help your building management services provider develop a centralised strategy that will help your strata facility to align maintenance operations and streamline activities.

Another added benefit is that the information gathered during this assessment can be helpful when handling insurance policies, compliance, risk management, or any other vital functions.

If the results from the assessment show that there are compliance gaps in your strata management operations, the building management company can help you streamline your maintenance operations to ensure that building maintenance regulations are adhered to.

They will provide all required maintenance services

One of the benefits of working with the right building management service is that they will offer services that cover most of your maintenance requirements. 

This means that you don’t have to outsource different aspects of your maintenance operations to different service providers, which can not only hinder your ability to centralise your maintenance operations but also provokes you to incur additional costs.

But building management service providers that offer consolidated services help you centralise your operations and increase accountability for projects they undertake, which also leads to time and cost savings for your strata committee.

Every property is different and these companies understand that there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. 

They work with you to give you the perfect solution for your property and since the services are provided by a professional strata management company, you can be assured that your maintenance operations will be both transparent and centralised.

Streamline the management of your strata property by working with the right building management company

Centralising and streamlining your strata building management practices will help you provide a warm, welcoming, and pleasant living environment for your strata properties, but this can be easier said than done.

When you work with the right building management team, however, they will take the burden off your shoulders and provide you with a better way to manage your strata property.