While commercial facilities management is important for any business, it’s paramount for the healthcare sector due to the nature of the services offered.

In addition to regular maintenance tasks, healthcare facilities must think about improving the patient experience and having a sterile and safe environment. But ensuring this can be a difficult and stressful undertaking.

Fortunately, third-party commercial facilities management companies can eliminate the added stress and let healthcare professionals focus on providing quality healthcare to patients.

Identifying this benefit, many healthcare organisations have already started to work with professional facilities management companies, which is evident by the fact that the healthcare facility management industry generated revenue of $88,114 million in 2021—and the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.3% and reach $180,397 million by 2030.

In this post, let’s discuss how facilities management companies can support your medical facility.

They help create a great first impression and put patients at ease

Most often, patients walking into a medical facility are already experiencing emotions of stress and fear. You can help your patients feel at ease and improve the patient experience by adapting your facility to promote an air of safety and tranquillity from the moment a patient arrives until they leave.

Having the proper commercial cleaning and maintenance services can go a long way in giving you the aesthetic you need to cultivate these emotions among your patients and consider you as their primary healthcare service provider.

Commercial facilities management companies can also help improve the ventilation in your facility.

While some expect unpleasant odours as part of a medical facility, it may make patients feel more uncomfortable and unwell. Having good ventilation and pleasant air quality can help you eliminate these unpleasant odours and ensure patients feel more comfortable and secure.

These measures are particularly important in common areas such as receptions and waiting rooms, which hundreds of patients occupy each day. Shared wards and private rooms should also be cleaned properly to make sure that their experience in your medical facility is as pleasant as possible.

Professional facilities management service providers can help you meet these requirements and create an environment where patients and healthcare professionals feel comfortable receiving and providing healthcare.

They help improve waste management

Waste management is one of the most important functions in a healthcare facility due to the nature of the services provided on the premises.

Having the right waste management policies in place can go a long way in ensuring that you follow the high standards and guidelines required by your healthcare facility and leave little to no room for contamination—this is where a commercial facilities management service provider can support you.

Having a third-party service provider with relevant experience handling waste management tasks in the healthcare industry can give your patients the impression that you take every aspect of their well-being into account.

They help support infection prevention

Healthcare facilities prioritise infection control, but infections can still be common; if they're left unattended, it can lead to severe consequences for patients and staff.

While some infections may be tolerable to healthy staff, they can prove to be lethal if it infects a patient who is immunocompromised.

Scenarios like these can even lead to medical facilities being sued for negligence.

It is therefore vital to keep the common areas, operating suites, emergency rooms, and treatment rooms clean. This makes it crucial to work with a well-trained crew capable of meeting the high standards of cleaning required to prevent infections from spreading.

They leverage industry best practices when cleaning and disinfecting your medical facilities to ensure that there’s neither a chance of an infection spreading across the facility nor jeopardising the health of both patients and staff. 

Work with a commercial facilities management company to support your healthcare facility

Cleaning or maintaining a hospital isn’t the same as maintaining an office building or residential property. It requires specialist knowledge to meet all the facilities management requirements.

Commercial facilities management companies can support you with their expertise and experience to ensure that your medical facility remains clean and hygienic, providing a safe environment for both patients and healthcare staff.