When it comes to strata buildings, the importance of having proper cleaning mechanisms that reach every corner of the establishment cannot be overstated.

From staircases to common areas, cleanliness is an important factor that keeps your fellow strata residents happy and creates a favourable impression on potential strata residents. 

For strata buildings, the best salesperson is a clean building, but this is easier said than done since your property may have many areas that can be difficult to clean without the help of an experienced strata management company.

Here’s how a professional strata management company can help you keep these especially hard-to-maintain elements of your property clean.

Floor and carpet cleaning

One of the most difficult areas to clean—and keep clean—are high-traffic areas, which are the first to get dirty.

Especially with strata buildings where children and pets are common, a professional cleaning team should be available to ensure that your floors and carpets are not destroyed by dirt, mud, or debris.

Lobbies and hallways are also consistently worn down and can leave your building looking old, outdated, and uncared for.

With these areas, a simple vacuum may not get the job done—especially with deep-seated dirt. Steam cleaning for carpets and a thorough buff-and-wash for floors are needed to keep your building looking fresh and new.

Strata cleaning services can help you keep up with the cleaning requirements whether you need daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly cleaning services.

Some strata building managers even schedule cleaning appointments before peak season when prospective residents book appointments to view the property.

Having these cleaning steps in place can help your building look like a professionally maintained building that anyone would want to move into instead of a messy and uncared-for property.

Window and door cleaning

Windows are perhaps one of the toughest areas in a building since they show fingerprints or grime on the glass regardless of the weather.

While your residents may keep the insides of these surfaces clean, it is also important to maintain the same level of cleanliness on the outside, which might need to be professionally cleaned.

Aside from the glass itself, cleaning window frames and getting the nooks and crannies of the entire window are important. 

The same applies to doors where door handles and thresholds should be cleaned frequently since they tend to collect dust quickly. This allows more natural light into the building and can help you in your efforts to reduce energy consumption on your property.

A strata management company capable of providing high-quality cleaning services can help you address all these requirements and handle your windows and doors with professional care.

Stairway and elevator cleaning

If your strata building has many floors, your stairways and elevators will be frequently occupied. These spaces are perhaps the most used common areas daily and it is highly recommended that they are cleaned regularly.

But having them cleaned can be a huge undertaking, especially if your strata building is a large one with many residents.

This is where the expertise of a strata management company can provide you with the support you need. They can help you establish a cleaning routine for these areas without disrupting the lives of your residents.

Outdoor area cleaning

Cleaning the outdoor areas is probably not the toughest but it is often overlooked.

The outside of your building can have mildew, rust, or several other things that can leave it looking unappealing and send the wrong message to prospective residents.

Such prospective residents typically wait outside of the strata buildings for the realty agent to show up and in those 15-30 minutes, an unkempt outdoor area could create an unfavourable impression that could influence them to look at other options if your building does not meet their standards.

Thankfully, professional strata management companies work on all kinds of surfaces and can provide you with a personalised cleaning or maintenance solution according to the needs of the strata building.

Get the support of a strata management company to keep your property well cared for

Not all areas and elements of strata properties are easy to maintain and clean. Some spaces, because of how they are used and built, may need some extra care to keep them in perfect condition. 

So get the help of a professional strata management company to get the support you need to keep these spaces clean.