Of many commercial spaces that are typically frequented by visitors, pubs remain one of the most popular commercial establishments that are teeming with people. There are certain hours of the day when pubs are packed to the brim, especially during promotional periods of time, such as “happy hours”. 

During such periods, foot traffic in pubs is noticeably higher than usual and this could lead to pub washrooms being used more often. So while the dining area, better known as the “front of house”, in pubs should be kept clean and well-maintained, facility managers should also focus on other areas of the pub, especially the washrooms. 

However, as pubs are typically frequented by visitors during opening hours, it may be challenging for designated pub cleaners or pub employees to perform cleaning duties without the activity interfering with the guests who use the washrooms. Cleaning a pub washroom effectively may also require expertise or advanced cleaning tools which are not accessible or provided by most commercial pubs. 

To counter these problems, facility managers of these establishments should turn to commercial cleaning and hygiene companies that provide comprehensive washroom cleaning services that will keep pub bathrooms spotless and convenient for pub-goers. Washroom cleanliness is an important benchmark that pub patrons compare pubs against, so it’s imperative to have spick and span washrooms. 

That said, let’s explore how commercial cleaning companies can enhance the hygiene and cleanliness of pub washrooms. 

1. Control odour 

Over time, it’s common for pub washrooms to accumulate an unpleasant odour as a result of lingering bacteria or the use of improper cleaning products. Frequently cleaning the washroom may cause the lingering odour to disappear temporarily. However, pub patrons constantly frequent the washrooms, so the unpleasant odour could return as usage of the washroom increases. 

This issue can be effectively resolved with the help of commercial cleaning and hygiene services. Such service providers have the resources and expertise to offer different cleaning methods and more cleaning products that can help keep the lingering odours at bay. From scented urinal mats to toilet bowl deodorisers, commercial cleaning professionals know how to ensure a bathroom stays fresh. 

2. Refill tissues and soap 

As many patrons frequent pubs on the days that they are open, there will be high usage of toilet paper and hand soap. Patrons may find it inconvenient if they discover the washroom they’ve visited has a lack of tissues, toilet paper, hand soap, and other similar washroom supplies. Commercial cleaning professionals keep an eye on these aspects and maintain stocks. 

For instance, most pubs are busy during the weekends and require more hygiene products. A quick analysis of this will make sure that pub patrons don’t run out of any products. They can even make suggestions such as adding dispensers instead of soap bars to minimise the spread of germs and bacteria. 

3. Clean sinks, countertops, and mirrors 

To effectively clean an entire pub facility, it is worth noting that mopping up the floors or cleaning the toilet bowls won’t be sufficient to keep a washroom fully clean and hygienic. It is important that every part of the washroom is cleaned regularly, with more emphasis placed on the most frequently touched surfaces. 

Designating an expert in commercial cleaning and hygiene services for each washroom a pub has can ensure that the washroom remains clean and ready for the next customer. These experts will typically clean the sinks, countertops, mirrors, door handles, and other frequently touched surfaces. They may even recommend products that prevent mirrors from fogging and sustaining stain build-ups.

4. Mop floors 

Mopping up the washroom floors of a pub is an essential process and integral to the cleaning requirements of a pub’s facility. From spillage in urinals and sinks to grime and dirt build-up as a result of foot traffic, pub floors are the first surfaces to get visibly dirty. Experts in commercial cleaning and hygiene services typically devise a strategic cleaning plan for this. 

They will instantly know that it’s important to sweep washroom floors first and then mop with a disinfectant. This will not only keep pub washroom floors clean, but it will also make them smell fresher for longer periods of time. 

Get in touch with experts in commercial cleaning and hygiene services

Cleaning and maintaining washroom cleanliness can be a tall order for pub owners or managers. It is not just basic cleaning duties that they are required to keep an eye on, but they should also ensure that an adequate stock of washroom supplies is always available for use and that all areas of the washroom remain spotless. 

With the help of experts in commercial cleaning in Sydney, you can keep your pub washrooms clean and convenient for your pub patrons to use at all times. Contact the experts to provide you with high-quality cleaning and hygiene services.