20% of Australians have stated that they’ve faced a mental or behavioural condition that has gotten in the way of their daily routines. 

Most individuals who have to go through certain conditions that affect their mental well-being usually have to deal with stressful work situations that may deteriorate their mental stability even further. 

Workplaces are inherently stressful spaces where different sources contribute to one’s mental well-being. From excessive workloads to strained relationships with colleagues, several stress-inducing elements can impact an employee. But a disarranged and unclean workplace can be a major contributory factor as well.

To reduce the negative impact caused by an unclean work environment on its employees, enlisting the help of services to enhance your employees' mental well-being such as commercial and industrial cleaning services can help promote physical health and productivity.

Consider the following four ways commercial and industrial cleaning services can not only assist in maintaining your property but also create a suitable environment for your employees.

1. Reduce stress

Employees spend a lot of their time at the office and it’s an employer’s responsibility to ensure that the workspace they report to is optimised for productivity and actively promotes mental health.

Stressful work environments are even proven to cultivate unhealthy behaviours such as smoking and even increase absenteeism. Maintaining a clean and orderly workspace, therefore, can create an environment with reduced stress levels.

With reduced levels of stress, employees can focus on their work more effectively during working hours and—perhaps more importantly—relax during their time off. 

2. Improve concentration

It’s a well-known fact that clutter can hinder your ability to perform at your best and can lower productivity. Too many distractions in a workplace in the form of dirt or even items that need to be discarded can negatively impact your employees’ ability to focus.

Hiring a cleaning service will ensure that employees don’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess around them and they will have more time to complete their daily tasks. According to recent statistics, 94% of employees state that they feel more capable of performing in a clean work environment.

A clean office space means employees are more productive in the workplace, allowing them to produce better, higher-quality work that they can be proud of, thereby bettering their mental health. 

3. Boost mood 

From the point of view of an employee, working in a clean and aesthetically pleasing workplace makes them feel valued because they understand that you as an employer are taking the necessary steps to provide a safe and appealing workplace.

Providing employees with an attractive workplace shows that you care, respect, and value them which will make them more likely to remain with you and feel good about their position.

Once again, commercial cleaning services can help you achieve this. Cleaning professionals that are trained to ensure that your every requirement is met can be a game-changer when it comes to maintaining a clean work environment.

4. Prevent injuries

Physical injuries aren’t the only thing that can be brought on by a cluttered workplace. Over 10,700 claims have been made for mental health conditions by employees from 2019 to 2020. These claims aren’t just restricted to a certain industry—whether it’s a low-activity office or a high-activity warehouse, there’s always the chance of an unexpected accident. 

To reduce your workplace’s risk of injury or to reduce your chances of dealing with the risks of workplace injury, enlisting the help of a professional cleaning service that specialises in commercial and industrial cleaning is advisable.

Slippery substances on floors or surfaces that get easily contaminated are common in large working spaces with large workforces. Hiring a cleaning service to tackle these issues can create a workplace atmosphere where employees not only have fewer injuries but also have the confidence to focus on their duties.

Commercial and industrial cleaning services can elevate the working conditions of any working space

Stress-related presenteeism and absenteeism are directly costing Australian employers $10.11 billion a year. 3.2 days per worker are lost each year through workplace stress. 

If you’re considering hiring a cleaning service to improve your commercial property while enhancing the mental well-being of your employees, make sure to get familiar with the best practices followed by top strata cleaning companies in Sydney before enlisting their services.