In recent years, a clear remnant of the COVID-19 pandemic or phenomenon which has risen universally across different organisations is the hybrid working model. 

With options to work remotely for a few days and report to the office on the other days of the week, there are mixed feelings between employees who are granted this work arrangement. That said, there is still a sizable group of employees who prefer working in the office. Why does this matter?

Many employees who support working on-site agree that it brings benefits such as improved workforce productivity, which can be challenging for those working remotely as there are home-related distractions. Working in the office also makes it easier to gain access to physical resources, collaborate with team members, and separate home and work life. 

However, another contributory factor to boosting workforce productivity is the cleanliness of an office. Facility managers should always ensure that their office environment remains clean from obstructions, dust, dirt, stains, mineral deposits on windows, or other inconveniences that impede productivity and may even cause health issues for employees. 

Maintaining the cleanliness of an entire office unit or establishment can be a tall order, and facility managers may lack the experience, expertise, and resources to execute effective cleaning techniques, especially when tending to challenging cleaning requirements. 

This is why they should turn to commercial cleaning Sydney offers. Professional office cleaners, for example, can offer their expertise to help facility managers create a clean and organised workplace to boost productivity. 

Let’s explore in greater detail why facility managers should hire professional office cleaners to boost workforce productivity. 

1. Fewer distractions 

The environment within an office plays a crucial role in enhancing employee productivity. In fact, a study by the University of Arizona found that a clean and organised workspace enhanced employee productivity by 15% compared to employees who worked in a messy and cluttered environment. 

A cluttered work environment can have a profound psychological impact on employees, as it incites negative emotions and feelings, which prevents employees from performing well in their roles. By enlisting professional office cleaning services, facility managers can leave office cleaning duties in the hands of professionals, who are equipped with knowledge of the best practices in office cleaning. 

These expert cleaners help to create a less chaotic and stressful office environment and reduce the clutter that may be bothering and distracting employees. 

2. Better air quality 

Dust, allergens, and other contaminants can impact workforce productivity as they affect employee health. A dusty environment or poor ventilation can also have a negative impact on employees’ health, and potentially lead to respiratory-related issues. This also contributes to employees not being able to perform to their full potential. 

This may even exacerbate health issues among employees including runny noses, frequent sneezing, or breathing problems. These issues could also increase absenteeism among employees, decreasing the office’s overall productivity. 

Ideally, the air quality within the workplace should be better than the air quality of the outdoors. By using environment-friendly cleaning chemicals and techniques with little to no carbon footprint, professional office cleaners can provide cleaning services that prevent employees from suffering in the long term or from frequent health or productivity issues. 

3. Decreased stress levels 

A cluttered and disorganised workplace can increase stress levels among employees working in that environment. Generally, many employees experience heightened anxiety and stress levels when operating in a cluttered and disorganised setting. 

In addition, an unclean office leaves visitors and clients feeling less than impressed as it reflects poorly on their management style as well as employees. An unclean office environment may also contribute to a hostile work environment. 

With the help of expert office cleaners, facility managers can ensure that employees within an office environment can function effectively in a clean, safe, and organised environment which won’t increase their stress. 

4. Strengthened team collaboration 

A clean and orderly office can prevent encumbrances such as difficulty finding important documents, tools, or resources, which could otherwise take time away from employees and slow down their work progress. 

Professional office cleaners, through their cleaning methods, can ensure the office looks organised, ensuring employees don’t feel constricted or uncomfortable in the office. 

A clean office impacts an employee’s productivity and efficiency in a positive way and helps boost productivity within the office, especially when participating in brainstorming sessions or organising any activity that encourages team collaboration. 

Get in touch with a team of expert office cleaners to boost workforce productivity 

It is undeniable that a clean office can facilitate a more positive and happier work environment, which is crucial to boosting the productivity levels of employees. 

Contact a team of professional office cleaners to create a positive and productive work environment in the facility you manage.