Today, strata living is one of the most popular choices for aspiring homeowners in Australia. The New South Wales region, for example, has over 1.1 million strata residents.

As strata living becomes popular across the state, legislators have taken an active role in creating new regulations and guidelines that help you, your tenants, and all other stakeholders manage your strata schemes efficiently and harmoniously.

In recent years, these regulations have evolved to accommodate the growing industry and the changing needs of strata occupants.

As a strata manager, you must ensure that your strata scheme meets all the requirements to provide an impeccable living experience for your tenants.

That said, the breadth of these regulations spans health and safety, pet-keeping, maintenance, parking, tenant disputes, architecture and landscaping, installation and use of utilities, and common facilities. This means that ensuring your administrative capabilities cover these requirements can quickly become a tedious and complicated task.

But, the silver lining is that you can make your operations more responsive to changing regulations by partnering up with a competent and professional strata building management company. 

Strata building management companies can streamline your maintenance operations

According to New South Wales legislation, strata occupants are responsible for the maintenance of their own properties, and the strata committee/owners corporation is responsible for the upkeep of all the common facilities. 

As a strata manager, you are responsible for the repair of roofs and gutters, ceilings, boundary walls, carpets in common property, lights in common properties, garage doors, balconies and balcony doors, windows and window locks, plumbing in boundary walls and under the floor, and water damage.

While what areas constitute your maintenance responsibility is set in stone, for now, these regulations can change to accommodate more areas as strata properties become more sprawling and complex.

Here, working with a professional strata building management company can bring you many benefits. 

For starters, they can help you keep informed about changes in maintenance regulations while making your maintenance operations agile enough to respond to changes, making the experience easier for you and your tenants.

They can help you meet waste disposal regulations

Waste disposal management is a major bugbear of many strata managers across the country due to the sheer amount of waste collected by strata properties. Even a slight delay in the disposing of waste can lead to health concerns for your occupants.

With environmental regulations on the rise, how you dispose of waste has also come into focus in addition to when you dispose of the waste. While ensuring compliance with these evolving regulations can seem like a difficult undertaking, building management in Sydney can support your efforts.

As a result of working with many residential properties, these companies possess a wealth of knowledge about waste disposal, which can come in handy when creating a waste disposal schedule for your property. 

If and when regulations change, strata cleaning service providers can simply incorporate the new guidelines into the existing workflow and continue operations without the need for any major overhaul.

They support you with the maintenance of utilities and essential services

Ensuring that utilities such as water and power systems are functioning as intended is critical in ensuring that your tenants are comfortable in your strata scheme. It’s the reason why the management of these utilities is regulated so heavily in Australia. This is also why you should work with a professional building management team.

From installing utilities and servicing them, these companies can take care of all things utility management and ensure that your tenants get a seamless experience in their homes. 

These companies can also help coordinate repairs to utilities, which help you keep ahead of state regulations.

Stay on the right side of the law with strata building management services

Due to their popularity, today, strata schemes are regulated by stringent, far-reaching, and constantly evolving regulations. 

To ensure that you comply with these regulations, you must leverage the expertise of strata building management companies. They can support you with their breadth of knowledge and experience.